Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Update

So I woke up today after fighting a cold and now I've got strep throat.

I promise that if you check back on Saturday or Sunday I will have pictures of Buster, Locket, D'Artagnan, and Godiva up.

It's almost overwhelming to have five cats watch over me. Perched at various places around the room, with D'Ar at my feet, none of them have slept, let alone blinked, all day. Cocoa likes the crinkling my Luden's wrappers make. She watches me in awe whenever I unwrap a cough drop. D'Artagnan stands up every time someone enters the room. Locket and Buster are hunkered together on a chair. Neither one is very talkative today. Godiva sits in the corner and she seems, as usual, to watch everything at once.

The Feline Five send their love. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support! My cats and I really appreciate it. Kisses and hugbugs to all the furbabies!



  1. I just read about your blog on the catblogosphere. Bless you for rescuing these beautiful kittens.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Purrrrs that the throat gets better Lily!! Hi Locket, Buster, D'Artagnan and Cocoa!! We saw Cocoa's picture!! She is a cutie!
    Your FL furiends,

  3. Hi!!! We readed about you on the cat blogosphere site and wanted to come meet all of you!!! we loves making furriends an hopes that you come visit us soon!
    Sammy and Miles Meezer and Billy SweetFeets

  4. You poor thing! I know how hard it is to take care of cats when you're sick.

    Feel better soon!

  5. Get well soon, Lily...
    we's all purring fur you.
    Go to tha Purrs & Purrayers bloggie an look on tha Purrs List and you'll see (fanks, Sarah, fur letting us know).
    Love & Purrs, KC

  6. Hope you get over that bug soon! I know those kitties are good nurses!

  7. I hope that your strep throat goes away soon.

  8. I hope you are feeling better Lily! I'm sending lots of purrs your way!

  9. We hope your throat gets better fast. Sounds like you have a very alert nursing staff there.

  10. we is sending healin purrs yur way.


    yuki, kimiko, & kintart

  11. You are one of our heros for saving those kitties! Get better soon!
    I am asking my Mama to put a linkie up to your blog soon. We'll keep reading.

  12. I hope you feel better. There is an award at my blog for your blog...stop by and pick it up!