Friday, February 27, 2009

Photoblog #3 - Buster Baddie

I'd like to introduce Buster. The party starts and ends with her.

"Go ahead. Make my day."

(Despite her tough expression, she's a sweetheart.)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photoblog #2 - Crimes Against the Kitchen

First of all, I'd like to enter into evidence the following two photographs taken of Cocoa, known alias: Squiggles.

Exhibit A:

The image above is of Cocoa after coming out from a restricted access area (under the buffet). She has a cobweb on her ear.

Exhibit B:

This one is self-explanatory.

Exhibit C:

Statement from Lily Locke.

"I was making vanilla cupcakes and I left the kitchen for one minute. When I returned, a certain small black cat was sitting on the counter. She had dumped the mixing bowl on its side and her head was inside.

"I cleaned off her face, but I left this telltale peice of evidence [as seen above] for entrance into evidence."

Cocoa is hereby formally tried and found guilty in crimes against the kitchen. She is sentenced to three treats and six hugs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(Really) Quick Update

Okay, I know I promised I would get more pictures up on Saturday or Sunday. The strep hit me harder than I thought it would and today's the first day I haven't had a fever.

If you check back within the next couple of days, I will have pictures and an update posted.

Thanks for all the kind purrs! They really helped!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Update

So I woke up today after fighting a cold and now I've got strep throat.

I promise that if you check back on Saturday or Sunday I will have pictures of Buster, Locket, D'Artagnan, and Godiva up.

It's almost overwhelming to have five cats watch over me. Perched at various places around the room, with D'Ar at my feet, none of them have slept, let alone blinked, all day. Cocoa likes the crinkling my Luden's wrappers make. She watches me in awe whenever I unwrap a cough drop. D'Artagnan stands up every time someone enters the room. Locket and Buster are hunkered together on a chair. Neither one is very talkative today. Godiva sits in the corner and she seems, as usual, to watch everything at once.

The Feline Five send their love. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support! My cats and I really appreciate it. Kisses and hugbugs to all the furbabies!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photoblog #1 - Cocoa at Play

Okay, so these were just a couple pictures I managed to take of Cocoa this afternoon, playing with her ball and squeaker mouse. She loves to be photographed, which is funny, because Buster, D'Ar, and Locket really aren't that crazy about it.

She's the smallest of the Feline Five. Here, she looks much bigger than she is. She's still a "squiggly" kitten!

This is her ball, her second-favorite toy behind her squeaker mouse. I think she throws it down the stairs just because she knows I'll pick it up and bring it back to her!

Here's her squeaker mouse. She likes to carry it around by its tail and show it off to everyone. Cocoa can't sleep at night unless she's got her squeaker mouse beside her!

Such a sweetie!

Check back tomorrow for some more photos of the Feline Five!

Buster, Locket, Cocoa, Godiva, and D'Artagnan send a hug and a kiss, a warm ruby wish, and catnip-covered dreams to all the kitties out there!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I never asked for quintupcats...

I received a comment to my post titled the Crouton Incident by someone calling themselves "GosselinWithoutPity". Here is their comment:

Looking for freebies? Just like evil Kate Gosselin. Hypocrite.
Although I do read and comment on, this comment is not connected to the Gosselins Without Pity blog. I have spoken with the moderators of the blog and they have confirmed this.

I am not looking for freebies, nor am I like Kate Gosselin. I did not ask for any of this, but these kittens needed a home and I have given them one.

If you ask me, the hypocrite in this situation is whoever posted that redundant comment.

I have never blogged under false pretenses. I am a high school student, doing this solely for my stray, adopted cats. I have saved a mother cat and her four kittens, taking care of them for months now. In my area, we have had -30 degree windchill and they certainly would have died. Before adopting them into my home, I tried to find them homes while caring for them outside in warmer weather. They were skin and bones. I know I saved their lives. They have been dewormed, defleaed, bathed, given their shots, and I'm in the process of getting them all fixed.

Grow up. I'm not doing this for a free Em Tanner t-shirt, although it would make a great blanket for Buster!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They Must Be Italian... The Crouton Incident

It started with Cocoa, the littlest of the bunch. She was playing with her squeaker mouse under Godiva’s watchful eye. I was hurriedly shoving a handful of croutons in my mouth so I could go lug twenty pounds of cat litter around to the various litter pans. I had to hurry because everyone had just eaten and when you give a cat food, you have to give them litter.

Anyway, she was watching me as I was eating – if you could call it eating – and then she fixed her gaze on the croutons, her big yellow eyes wide.

She forgot her squeaker entirely and ran up to me, paused, and cocked her head from side to side.

“Crouton,” I told her, holding it up. “Crouton. Does Cocoa want a crouton?”

She chirped at me like Flipper’s second cousin and took a step back, which was my cue to drop the crouton. Well, I didn’t think she’d eat it, but she loved crackers and it was worth a shot. Cocoa sniffed it awhile, then batted it back and forth between her paws.

Eventually, she decided it was edible and she ate it in her own Cocoa way, which was a combination of her dainty demeanor and the truth that her little kitten mouth could probably only hold a jelly bean on a good day. Cocoa took the whole crouton into her mouth, cracked it in half and let half fall out. She chewed and swallowed, crunching so loud she woke Buster up, who demanded her own crouton bossily.

Soon all five were eating croutons. The size and complexity of their appetites never ceases to amaze me.