Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photoblog #2 - Crimes Against the Kitchen

First of all, I'd like to enter into evidence the following two photographs taken of Cocoa, known alias: Squiggles.

Exhibit A:

The image above is of Cocoa after coming out from a restricted access area (under the buffet). She has a cobweb on her ear.

Exhibit B:

This one is self-explanatory.

Exhibit C:

Statement from Lily Locke.

"I was making vanilla cupcakes and I left the kitchen for one minute. When I returned, a certain small black cat was sitting on the counter. She had dumped the mixing bowl on its side and her head was inside.

"I cleaned off her face, but I left this telltale peice of evidence [as seen above] for entrance into evidence."

Cocoa is hereby formally tried and found guilty in crimes against the kitchen. She is sentenced to three treats and six hugs.


  1. Cocoa is a sweet heart! I can tell she is into every thing!

  2. Hi Cocoa. I think you look great in cobwebs. I sometimes wear them myself!

    Your friend