Monday, March 2, 2009

Photoblog #4 - 5th Photo Meme

Here's my best little buddy, Locket, who coincidentally shares the same name as the fifth folder on Lily's computer. It's not the best photo. Lily still hadn't gotten the hang of her new camera when she took this and it did a double-flash, a new feature to reduce red eye, which makes us furbabies blink. Can you see his double locket?

Poor Locket got into a terrible fight saving me from a turkey vulture. That's why he's got the scar on his nose. You can't see it unless I turn a certain way, but I have two little scars on the back of my ear from that same vulture. Locket and I are very thankful our bean Lily and her cousin Cassie were there to get rid of it. For a bean, she's really short but she can run really fast. Of course, this was all before she brought us inside.

Cassie says our big brother D'Artagnan is like James Bond - so suave and macho - and Locket's like his socially awkward little brother, Jamie Bond. I think this is very mean because while D'Ar is a fierce mancat, Locket is sweeter. He comforted Cassie for hours after her gerbil Wheezy died and she came over. Come to think of it, Cassie's been over here a lot since her gerbil Wheezy died, even though she has her own furbaby Parker, which Cassie swears should be in covert ops, whatever that is. But that's another story.

And here's another one. This one isn't the fifth photo, but it's the most recent of my mommy and me. Cassie took this when Lily was at her human vet getting antibiotics.

This is me cleaning my mommy's face. She'd already cleaned mine, so the least I could do was return the favor. Cassie always tells me I have the pinkest tongue. Err... I have to ask all the other furbabies out there who've been with their beans longer - is this a compliment?

Oh, and I'm supposed to list a whole bunch of furblogs for the next round of the 5th Photo Meme - Lily said five, I think? - so here they are.

1. Curlz and Swirlz

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3. Derby the Sassy Cat

4. The Kattonic Cats

5. Daisy the Curly Cat

Have fun and remember to donate! I don't know what I'd do without Lily or my mommy and my brothers and sister but Lily would have to separate us and give us to all different homes if she doesn't get a little help. (Thank you to Daniel and Lynn who donated.)

Avec tellement baisers (with lots of kisses),

Cocoa avec une Guimauve (as dictated to Cassie Locke)


  1. LIttle locket is a sweety! so is his Mom!

  2. Aww, little Locket is SO cute!! I love the picture of him with his mommy!

  3. Susan and my cat SophieMarch 4, 2009 at 11:22 PM

    It was good of you to save so many black cats. I have a neighbor who is actually afraid of them and thinks they mean bad luck. Can you believe that? I know they are hard to palce at shelters - so good for you and good for them! Every time I see a black cat, I worry that someone will hurt it. I'm glad yours has a good home.

  4. Hello, it's very nice to meet you! :)