Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photoblog #5 - D'Artagnan is Catman, or, Hello, Memory Card!

My camera went and died on me so I went and sent it out to be fixed about two months back, but I stupidly forgot to remove the memory card and I had to go through ninety million different people to convince them to send it back to me. Actually, they sent it out and then the next day I found out my camera was in the "shipping center" ready to be returned.

But I wanted to share this with you:

Yes, that is D'Artagnan. He is all ready for Halloween!

Cassie says he looks like David Boreanaz, the guy currently playing the FBI agent on Bones. That's a great show, but I don't see it.

Do you?

Moving on...

This is what Cassie calls Dixie Hiccup's professional shot. It's truly not professional. I'm the one one that took it.

I'll post more soon.



  1. I don't see it either... Look proffestional... you have a good eye maybe one day it will be... never know.

  2. Those camera people just wanted to admire your good looking pictures!

  3. We forgot to say we would love to be a musketeer!

  4. Hmmmmm...we don't see the resemblance...but then we don't watch Bones either!

    Hey, D'Artagnan! We would love to be musketeers!!!

  5. *thank you, thank you for coming to my purfdeh party yesterday!*

  6. We don't see the resemblance from our point of view. Both pictures are awesome though.

  7. I can see a sort of resemblance around the eyes and nose. I think that your photograph of Dixie looks professional.